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Topic Contributed Sessions

  • TC1 - Semiparametric Approaches and randomization test in causal inference (Yu Cheng, University of Pittsburgh)

  • TC2 - Algebraic Structures in Statistics (Jane Ivy Coons, University of Oxford)

  • TC3 - Statistical methods for innovative experimental designs (Nina Deliu, Sapienza University of Rome)

  • TC4 - Advances in time series analysis (Greta Goracci, Free University of Bolzano)

  • TC5 - Graphical Models (Alexandros Grosdos, TU Munich)

  • TC6 - Recent advances in rank-based inference (Marc Hallin, Université libre de Bruxelles)

  • TC7 - New progress and directions in nonparametric statistics (Fang Han, University of Washington)

  • TC8 - New changepoint algorithms and theoretical results (Toby Hocking, Northern Arizona University)

  • TC9 - New models and evaluation methods for changepoint detection (Rebecca Killick, Lancaster University)

  • TC10 - Statistical and Causal Inference in Algorithmic Fairness and Recourse (Nicolai MeinsHausen, ETH Zurich)

  • TC12 - Graphical Modeling of Multivariate Functional Data (Alexander Petersen, Brigham Young University)

  • TC13 - New directions in theory and practice of formally private synthetic data (Aleksandra Slavkovic, Penn State University)

  • TC14 - Sequential Methods for Big Data Analysis (Alexander Tartakovsky, AGT StatConsult)

  • TC15 - Advances in Directional Statistics (Thomas Verdebout, Université Libre de Bruxelles)

  • TC16 - Statistical inference for continuous-time stochastic processes (Vladimir Minin, University of California, Irvine)

  • TC17 - Machine Learning Methods in Biomedical Studies (Rui Feng, University of Pennsylvania)

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